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Your Body Rocks!

I am wanting to promote body positivity here in Suffolk and to do this I have joined forces with the Your Body Rocks Group and will be hosting a Your Body Rocks Pilates Class followed by a painting session. Dates are in the pipeline so watch this space……

Your Body Rocks is an open public group so feel free to invite others. But please note the rules:

This is to celebrate ALL our bodies and what they can do, we are NOT into body shaming and any bullying, swearing or rude behaviour will be banned.

We want to hear your body stories… What have they been through, what have they achieved, what are they capable of. 

What do you think about body positivity and body confidence?

What is your body story? Have you got something to share? Have you had body negativity because of your age, size, disability? Are you a teacher or instructor of fitness? How has your experience been as an older teacher, a male teacher?

Have you witnessed the fitness and health industry becoming more aesthetical like the model industry?

Have you painted a rock of positivity or found one?? Share a photo of you and the rock. Where have you hidden it/where have you found it?