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About me

I moved to Helsinki in 2005, and worked as a kindergarten teacher before  my children were born.

The birth of my second child was hugely traumatic, involving major surgery. It took me two years to fully recover, and without Pilates, it would have taken much longer. So when it was time to go back to work, I decided to leave the nursery nursing profession and retrain as a Pilates teacher. I took the basic and intermediate mat courses in April 2011, with STOTT Pilates , and the Reformer training in 2014.

I opened my own studio offering mat based classes to different levels. Specialising in Osteosafe Classes. I also taught classes for the Helsinki University Teaching Faculty as well as in the University Gym.

Since then I have been taking regular classes and attending courses to develop both my own pilates, and my teaching skills.

I moved to Ipswich in June 2016.

In 2018 I decided to add to my skills by embarking on the Comprehensive Classical Training. Joseph Pilates created a set order of exercises and repetitions on the mat and reformer. A Classical Pilates teacher follows this order which was designed to warm up the body, challenge it, using other Pilates apparatus and then cool it down.

I have worked at Suffolk Yoga, Greshams Fitness & Leisure StudioFlex, Boutique Fitness and Pilatesworks4u.

I opened my home studio in May 2019 and look forward to sharing Pilates with you all.

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Contact me at: or call or text to: 07500 532057

My Training

Graduated from the  Classical Comprehensive Studio Training with APEI at Exhale Pilates London  2018-2019.

Training with Kathy Ross Nash May 2019.

Workshop weekend Amy Kellow Everybody Pilates September 2017.

You can find confirmation letters of the STOTT PILATES courses and workshops that I have completed here:

STOTT Scoliosis Management Michaela Windsor

STOTT Prenatal Pilates Michaela Windsor

STOTT Osteoporosis Management Michaela Windsor

STOTT Mini Stability Ball Michaela Windsor

STOTT Mat work for Breast Cancer Michaela Windsor

STOTT Intensive Reformer Michaela Windsor

STOTT Intensive Mat-Plus Michaela Windsor

STOTT Intensive Mat Michaela Windsor


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