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In Defiance of Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is known as the silent disease. It can affect us all without our knowledge.

Osteporosis means porous bones. It is the weakening of our bones often caused by changes in hormone levels as we age. In women it can begin in peri menopause and menopause which happens in our 40's/50's. In men it is has been shown that by the time they reach their late 60's the chances of having bone loss is just as high as it is for women.

As these changes occur it affects our ability to maintain healthy bone and to build new bone. The bone we have becomes fragile and because we can't see it we don't necessarily think about it. The implications of this disease are not limited to just one part of the body. The vertebrae and spinal column weaken, often leading to a stooped hunched kyphotic posture. Mobility becomes limited which can contribute to joint pain.

There are medical treatments available but you can also take positive steps yourself to delay, limit, halt or even reverse osteoporosis! The key step is weight-bearing exercise, which is the foundation of the Pilates system.

How does Pilates help?

1. It can be adapted to your current level.

Regardless of where you begin on a fitness scale, Pilates can be adapted to you. We all have days where we have less energy or ability for whatever reason, and Pilates can adapt to that.

2.It can help you build stronger bone.

Using the studio equipment the springs provide resistance, which promotes building bone. The body awareness and proprioception gives you the opportunity to recreate that resistance using your own body weight with the mat exercises where you have no springs to help you complete the exercise, and in turn build stronger muscles as well as bone. It also allows you to find greater flexibility and mobility.

3. It can improve your posture.

Your bones are constantly being replaced. Gravity works on your body all the time, the replacement process is influenced by gravity. Being in the correct posture will encourage your bones to renew themselves correctly.

I offer special group classes in my home studio to tackle this specific issue. Come and join us!


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