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How to learn what you don't know

This weekend I got to thinking about the clients I have and how much through this year they have progressed.

Yes you read that right. Because of Lockdown some of my students have been coming 2-3 times each week via zoom.

They have learnt the order of the mat repertoire and we have been able to explore the use of props. For some it the exercises that they find difficulty with are the Roll Up. For others the Roll Over. Either way both exercises need that scoop of the belly and the connection of the arms in the back as well as a strong foot to seat connection.

We have used cushions, foam rollers and Pilates rings to help.

Today they asked me at what level they were at. Despite having to use props to help find the muscle connections to facilitate an exercise does not mean you are cheating but simply using the system as Joseph Pilates intended. Within the Pilates Studio we use the other pieces of equipment to help in facilitating an exercise or to make it better.

So how do you learn what you don't know? Put simply it is by showing up.

It doesn't matter how you are feeling, good or bad just show up. Do the workout. If you have the energy give it your all, if not choose to focus on one thing. It could be the order and seeing if you can remember what exercise follows on. It could be that you focus on form and technique of just one exercise. It may just be that you are going through the motions. It doesn't matter. Showing up is enough.

So it is with great pride I can say to all of my students if you were to go to an intermediate class or an advanced pilates class you would not be lost, you would not have to worry about feeling inferior regardless of the exercises that may or may not elude perfection. I would in fact have to say to you all or urge you all to actually try a class with another teacher just to see how far you have come.

December 2nd is next week and if anyone would like a reformer lesson Wednesday 11-3pm Friday 11-3pm send me an email to book in. Or book in for a reformer class at Studio Flex

I am also planning another Beginners Pilates Course starting next Tuesday 1/12- 22/12 just in time to gear yourselves up for the New Year. So please let all your friends and family know that this is a great virtual class to join.

I found this GIF and I hope you are all looking at it thinking oh heavens that's wrong! Her arms are not in line with her ears and her head should not be bopping up and down nor should her back be arching off the floor with each scissor.


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