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Fibromyalgia Bloggers

Having the world wide web at your fingertips never ceases to amaze me.

In planning my workshop for Fibro there is lots to consider because as we all know Fibromyalgia is different for everyone.

The range of symptoms varies widely and remedies, medication, self help procedures works for some people yet may not work for others.

Reading different blogs and trying new things always helps as it leaves you armed with information that in a moment of clarity you can give it a try. It is finding those moments that for me was the up hill battle. But I got there through pacing myself.

I have to admit living back in the UK does make it so much easier. I keep thinking about the energy I had to find to plan with precision the weekly shop. At least here if I feel low I have the option of arranging a Supermarket Delivery.

One such blog I have found is the Fibro Fix. Dr. David Brady has written a post about our Mitochondria.

I found it interesting to note he says "High intensity training seems to be especially beneficial for strengthening mitochondria. In a study of young males doing interval training involving one-legged cycling (to isolate findings to the exercising muscles only), just two weeks of high-intensity activity led to increases in mitochondrial function in skeletal muscle. An interesting finding to note is that these beneficial changes were independent of detectable increases in mitochondrial synthesis. This suggests that the bouts of exercise made existing mitochondria more effective at generating higher amounts of ATP, rather than this being a result of an increase in the total number of mitochondria."

For me exercise worked and still does today. If I am stressed, anxious or overworked it always shows up in my symptoms mostly tiredness and painful fascia lumps under my skin.

It is my wake up call to look after myself and take my time with a flowing basic workout, which over the course of a few days I gradually increase. Pilates was the only way forward for me - it could be for you. Come and give it a try!


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