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Virtual Classes

For the first 2 months of lockdown I and my clients found ourselves teaching and practising Pilates online.

It was a learning curve for us all. For my clients it was a case of moving in different surroundings and without the use of equipment.

It also meant that whilst being able to be directed in person, when on screen it is very different and for some reason when they would look at me, perplexed and at a loss to what I was asking of them, I would automatically demonstrate and I found it easier and so did they.

However truth be told there wasn't much teaching going on after a while. Just a move along with me session.

I decided to change this as and I am glad I did. I was now able to teach. I could help my clients facilitate a move by using their surroundings. For instance in the Roll Up I was able to ask a few of those with difficulty to place their feet against a skirting board. Finding the two way stretch in Pilates is a difficult concept to understand, to feel and to put into practice.

If you have a teacher with a good understanding of the method and the body they should be able to help you well on your way to building strength and guiding you through the movement.

I then decided it was time to progress some of my intermediate level clients and build on their upper body strength to aim in the Leg Pull Front transition to a Side Bend. In 10 days they managed to achieve this and we are now working on developing that with the full advanced transition to Leg Pull Back.

My clients are amazing. They all work so very hard and I am rewarded with glorious smiles at the end of class.

If you are contemplating a virtual class I would say try as many teachers as you can. You will naturally find the one you click with and who you feel understands you. This too is important because it is with the nurturing of your teacher and his or her ability to lead you through a movement session where you have reaped all the benefits of Pilates for the mind and the body to bring you a sense of accomplishment & renewed energy.

Fell free to contact me and book a virtual class. You will really enjoy the sessions.


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