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Most people don’t really understand the pain you are in, the brain fog and depression.

This condition brings a multitude of symptoms with varying effects on a day to day existence.

Exercise is one of the best things you can do for yourself, and your body.

In 2009 it was a Chinese acupuncturist and masseuse who listened to me and treated me. After about 4months he very kindly told me I would never be pain free until I put on muscle.

I was over weight and the thought of going to a gym filled me with horror not least because I did not have the energy for it.

I felt self conscious and ugly.On hearing how I felt a dear friend persuaded me to join her Pilates equipment class stating that you are concentrating on your own body far too much to even notice anyone else.This is so true. It is that mind body connection facilitated through your own breath control and movement that really does help in clearing your brain fog and then your muscle aches.I felt like a goddess and started a daily practice of 10 minutes every morning.

It doesn’t sound like much and indeed isn’t but it was hard for me to even find the energy to do that. It was a commitment I made to myself. Some days I skipped it but I did manage it at least 5 days out of seven. This enabled me to do the teacher training course with Stott Pilates now Merrithew Health and Fitness and after that teacher training I had come such a long way that I found myself actually living life with little pain but still pacing myself. I am by no means cured and get relapses. Just this morning I awoke to the tight fascia (the connective tissue under your skin) knots all over my body. I took myself through a gentle session and then concentrated on some of my advanced exercises in preparation for my Classical advanced exam.

It is important that whatever form of exercise you choose to do, that you feel safe and at ease. Knowing you can voice your feelings and emotions is important.

Often our doctors tell us to go to the gym and once there told we are weak. So train hell for leather instead of just being gentle and kind with ourselves.

It took me about a year to be able to go through the Stott Pilates intermediate repertoire in an hours class. Nearly 10 years on I am teaching the Classical method and mix pre pilates exercises with the basic syllabus for those who are building muscle or indeed coming to class to move their body through all planes of motion to lubricate their joints.

There is a brilliant article on Pilatesbridge with Sharon Ostalecki from

She has tackled the question of what Fibromyalgia is and has some brilliant insights for those of us living with Fibro and how to begin exercising. It is well worth a read.

If you have any questions I would love to try to answer them.



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