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Exercise- It's not what you can't do; It's what you can do!

I have begun a Pilates 10 day challenge which I am enjoying teaching. We are on day 3 and I am lucky enough that those bodies joining I do already know and so I have built my 10 day programme with the aim of being able to do the transition from Leg Pull Front to a Side Bend. If we get beyond that great.

Today I used weights and the band to help with some exercises especially in finding the arms in the back. I have to give a special shout out to Ellie Herman here as it was looking through her book Pilates Props Workbook that gave me some great ways of finding that connection.

The one major point I have found and I admit here and now I am guilty of this -is why are we not happy with what we can do? Coming out of a Pilates class should have you feeling great about yourself. Yes there may be things you cannot do, but look at what you can. When you head to a workout enjoy it. Feel good about yourself. Feel proud of what you achieved, because it was all You!


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